The ENDO Abstract Awards: touching experience, lasting impact

Benjamin Walter

Two years ago, I had the honor to be invited to ENDO 2020 in Rio de Janeiro, to receive the René Lambert Best Abstract Award. For me, as an interventional endoscopist and clinical researcher, to speak at the Inaugural Session to such a select international audience was a wonderful opportunity.

The abstract reported on digital approaches towards improvement of preparation for outpatient colonoscopy. The prospective multicenter study showed that patient empowerment and guidance were significantly improved by using a colonoscopy preparation app, leading to a higher adenoma detection rate in a colorectal cancer screening cohort. The results were finally published in Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology in 2021.

Participation in the WEO ENDO 2020 congress was especially interesting because of the contact with pre-eminent international colleagues, to discuss our fields of research and to learn from their techniques and expertise. Much of what I learned in these interactions has been implemented in my current endoscopic practice and still has an impact on my present endoscopic research projects.

So, I encourage clinicians and researchers to submit their abstracts for ENDO 2022 in Kyoto, to continue the spirit of international exchange in the field of endoscopy.

Dr Benjamin Walter, the winner of the ENDO 2020 René Lambert Best Abstract Award, is currently the Head of the Interdisciplinary Endoscopy Unit at the University Hospital of Ulm, Germany.

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